Monday, October 6, 2008

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Costumes 2008

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen CostumeDisney Cars Lightning McQueen Costumes 2008

Some of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2008 were also popular back in 2007 - the Disney Cars Costumes. But for 2008 we have a "new and improved" lineup!

What's the most popular of all of the Disney Cars Costumes? Lightning McQueen costumes of course!

I've done some research on what are not only the most popular, but the best quality that will hold up under not only "Trick or Treat 2008" but also additional playtime. (Many kids love to play "pretend" in their costumes rather than just limiting it to a single use.)

OK - so I've gotten together the very best of the Lightning McQueen costumes for 2008 (2 of them). Here they are, along with product info and discount shopping links to buy online:

Lightning McQueen Costume - Deluxe 3D: (This is the one featured in the photo above.) 3D version of a Lightning McQueen "outfit", with shoulder straps to hold it up.

There are other "3D" Lightning McQueen costumes, but they're not as high quality as this one, and require a lot of extra work to get them to look right. This "deluxe" version should fit the bill, for any young guy who wants to be "Lightning". :)

Cost runs around $60 retail, but you can get it for a nice discount ($45) on Amazon - you can also see if you might be able to get a lower price on eBay - see links below:

Discount Links:

The second of the Lightning McQueen costumes that I found for 2008 is the "LightningLightning McQueen Pit Crew Costume McQueen Pit Crew" costume. (See photo - right.) If you or your child prefer a jumper-style costume, this is a nice pick (and it's sooo cute!). It comes with the printed jumpsuit, logo cap and the toy headset.

The cost for this Lightning McQueen costume is around $24-$28, or possibly for less on eBay.
Hey! You wanna see 'em all? There are a few other Lightning McQueen costumes available, if what you see here doesn't quite fit your liking, you can do a bit more shopping around. Amazon and eBay consistently have the best prices for these - I've checked:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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