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Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Costumes 2008

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen CostumeDisney Cars Lightning McQueen Costumes 2008

Some of the most popular Halloween costumes for 2008 were also popular back in 2007 - the Disney Cars Costumes. But for 2008 we have a "new and improved" lineup!

What's the most popular of all of the Disney Cars Costumes? Lightning McQueen costumes of course!

I've done some research on what are not only the most popular, but the best quality that will hold up under not only "Trick or Treat 2008" but also additional playtime. (Many kids love to play "pretend" in their costumes rather than just limiting it to a single use.)

OK - so I've gotten together the very best of the Lightning McQueen costumes for 2008 (2 of them). Here they are, along with product info and discount shopping links to buy online:

Lightning McQueen Costume - Deluxe 3D: (This is the one featured in the photo above.) 3D version of a Lightning McQueen "outfit", with shoulder straps to hold it up.

There are other "3D" Lightning McQueen costumes, but they're not as high quality as this one, and require a lot of extra work to get them to look right. This "deluxe" version should fit the bill, for any young guy who wants to be "Lightning". :)

Cost runs around $60 retail, but you can get it for a nice discount ($45) on Amazon - you can also see if you might be able to get a lower price on eBay - see links below:

Discount Links:

The second of the Lightning McQueen costumes that I found for 2008 is the "LightningLightning McQueen Pit Crew Costume McQueen Pit Crew" costume. (See photo - right.) If you or your child prefer a jumper-style costume, this is a nice pick (and it's sooo cute!). It comes with the printed jumpsuit, logo cap and the toy headset.

The cost for this Lightning McQueen costume is around $24-$28, or possibly for less on eBay.
Hey! You wanna see 'em all? There are a few other Lightning McQueen costumes available, if what you see here doesn't quite fit your liking, you can do a bit more shopping around. Amazon and eBay consistently have the best prices for these - I've checked:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Diecast Cars - "McQueens"

Blu Ray Lightning McQueenThe "McQueens" of the Diecast Disney Cars Line

Some diecast Disney Cars are harder to find than others. Take, for example the Blu Ray version of Lightning McQueen (shown left). This one goes for a pretty pretty penny, and is QUITE hard to find.

There are some other ones too - the "McQueen" line of diecast cars is by far the most popular - there are now about 10 - I think - and that doesn't include the minis.

Wanna see 'em? :) Cool.

Here they are on eBay (general search - the 10 earliest-ending auctions):

OK, now here's the tricky part. Can we find the "Blu Ray" version of McQueen? Let's give it a shot:

Now, one more stop - here is a page dedicated to the various types of diecast McQueens, and recommended shopping resources for each one: Disney Cars Die Cast: Lightning McQueen on Squidoo.

You just gotta love those diecast cars. :-) I hope that this helps you in finding the Lightning McQueen diecast that you're hunting down!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Disney Cars Mini

Disney Cars Mini Adventures LogoDisney Cars Mini Adventures

I don't know about you, but I've noticed that the Disney Cars Mini Adventure Cars have become almost as much of a "hot item" than the regular diecast cars!

They number now (by my count) 23 different Mini Adventure sets as of August, 2008.

There are some very interesting combinations as well - I would never have thought of Red the Firetruck in blue - or - Lightning McQueen teaming up with Sarge and wearing military garb!

Fun stuff.

I've noticed something else - they are kind of tough to find all in one place. In other words, if you are looking for a particular Disney Cars Mini, you might have a tough time, unless you know just where to look.

SO, for convenience sake, I have sorted out the various sets of Disney Cars Minis (and some toy set that go with them) in alphabetical order. A link to each item is below, so they are easy to find:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Disney Cars Beds and Bedding

Lightning McQueen BedDisney Cars Beds and Bedding: some of the most in-demand items from the Disney Pixar Cars line of merchandise. (They really spiff up a little boy's bedroom - I know this because my son has a set in his room and loves it.)

Note: If you're on the lookout for Disney Cars Beds or Disney Cars Bedding - before going out and shopping at a department or discount store for either the Disney Cars Beds or Bedding, I strongly recommend taking a look around online - the selection is probably better than you think!

I did a bit of research on this point, and found that at the discount stores for the bedding, I was able to find one or perhaps two comforter sets in stock - there are actually many available and sometimes you don't even have to pay shipping costs - saving you gas money and time too!

Some of the types of beds available include:
  • Disney Cars Wooden Toddler Bed
  • Lightning McQueen Twin Bed
  • Slumber Roll-Up
  • Junior Disney Cars Ready Bed
  • Disney Cars Slumber Sofa
  • Toddler's Disney Cars Bed with Canopy
  • Disney Pixar Cars Room in a Box With Toddler Bed
Check out the most current auctions below for Disney Cars Beds on eBay (use the scrollbar on the right to see additional auctions): 

    There is a very large selection of bedding (comforters, sheets, blankets, body pillow) as well. Some of those include:
    • Disney Cars Flannel Sheets and Comforter
    • Disney Cars Comforter
    • Disney Pixar Cars Twin Bed Set
    • Road Racer Twin Bedding Comforter Set
    • Disney Cars Toddler Junior Junction Collection
    • Disney Cars Sheet Set
    • Junior Junction Ultra Soft Fleece Blanket
    • Lightning McQueen Twin Plush Throw Blanket
    • Disney Cars Body Pillow
    Check out the soonest-ending auctions below for Disney Cars Bedding on eBay auctions - use the scrollbar on the right to view more auctions:

    Pillows! Wow, nice selection of pillows for Disney Pixar Cars. (My favorites are the storytime pillow and the Lightning McQueen body pillow) You can see some of the pillows below on soon-ending eBay auctions (use scrollbar on the right to view additional choices):

    If you have a little boy (or a little girl, for that matter) who loves Disney and Pixar's Cars Movie, and if you've been considering purchasing a Disney Cars bed or bedding set, hopefully the ideas above will help!<br /> <br /> Ka-chow - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :)

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    News: Disney Cars 2 Coming in 2012

    Disney Cars 2 LogoDisney Cars 2 - Scheduled to be Released in 2012

    I knew it! I knew it! Over the last several months I've been looking all around to find out if and when a new Cars movie would be released. I finally got the final word recently that there will indeed be a Disney Cars 2, and it's scheduled release is in 2012.

    I was hoping that it would be sooner, but I'm sure that when the time arrives it will be a grand release indeed!!!

    About the storyline - My understanding is that this will not actually be a follow-up of the first Disney Cars story, but instead will carry a whole different theme. Lightning and Mater will be traveling about the globe! Tow Mater from Cars

    I can't wait to see Mater's reaction to European car society - since he's such a bumpkin I think he'll fit in like a square peg in a round hole - but that remains to be seen.

    And, will Mater the "Cassanova" finally meet the love of his life?

    Oh, oh, oh, I almost can't wait. I won't hold my breath for 4 years though - I guess I'll just have to be patient.

    But - -why the delay on the release?

    Well, first off Pixar animated movies - as I understand it - take much more time to create than a normal movie that is filmed. But also I believe that there is going to be a whole section of the Disneyland empire set up for the Cars, and it's scheduled to be complete at or around the same time of the movie release.

    At any rate, it will be fun to see Disney Pixar Cars 2 "roll out". :)

    (Photo of the Disney Cars 2 release above provided by the "Two A Day" blog.)

    Monday, February 18, 2008

    List of Disney Cars - Die Cast (Current and Future)

    Disney Cars CharactersComplete List of Disney Cars Die Cast as of February 18, 2008:

    This post is being created by popular demand. I've recently received a number of emails requesting a list of all of the die cast (or "diecast") cars ever released but have not been able to give a complete list until now.

    A few notes about the list:
    • It's given in alphabetical order, for organization and convenience
    • It's given by name of car released rather than by series, release date or packaging.
    • For each car, if it is available for purchase online, there are one or more links to where it can be found online either as a single item or with a package.
    • At the bottom of the current list are the future releases for 2008 and beyond!
    And without further delay, here they are:

    1. Al Oft (Lightyear Blimp)
    2. Barney Stormin'
    3. Bling Bling McQueen
    4. Bob Cutlass
    5. Boost
    6. Brand New Mater
    7. Bruiser Bukowski
    8. Bug Mouth McQueen
    9. Buzz (Lightyear)
    10. Cactus McQueen
    11. Chick/Chick Hicks
    12. Collector's Edition "Blu" (Dark Blue Dinoco) Lightning McQueen (Available only with purchase of Blu-Ray movie)
    13. Cruisin' McQueen
    14. Cruisin' Ramone (also "Old School Ramone")
    15. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    16. Darrell Cartrip
    17. Dinoco Chick Hicks
    18. Dinoco Helicopter
    19. Dinoco McQueen
    20. Dinoco Mia
    21. Dinoco Tia
    22. Dirt Track Doc Hudson
    23. Dirt Track McQueen
    24. DJ
    25. Doc Hudson
    26. Dudley Spare
    27. Dusty Rust-Eze
    28. Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    29. Fabulous Hudson Hornet - Red Rims
    30. Ferrari F430
    31. Fillmore
    32. Flik
    33. Flo
    34. Fred
    35. Gasprin
    36. Ghostlight Ramone
    37. Gold Mia
    38. Gold Tia
    39. Guido
    40. Guido with Ferrari Gear
    41. Hamm
    42. Hydraulic Ramone
    43. King
    44. Kori Turbowitz
    45. Leak Less/Leakless
    46. Lightning McQueen
    47. Lightning Ramone
    48. Lizzie
    49. Luigi
    50. Luigi With Ferrari Gear
    51. Mario Andretti
    52. Mater
    53. Mater - Variant (Blue with "Mater" Logo)
      • Variant Blue Mater on eBay (no more)
    54. Mia
    55. Mike
    56. Mrs. The King
    57. My Name is Not Chuck
    58. Nitroade
    59. No Stall
    60. Octane Gain
    61. Piston Cup Pace Car (Also Called "Charlie Checker")
    62. Pit Crew Fillmore
    63. Pit Crew Guido
    64. Pit Crew Hudson Hornet
    65. Pit Crew Sarge (Discontinued - new one to be released in '08)
    66. P.T. Flea
    67. Race Official Tom
    68. Radiator Springs McQueen
    69. Ramone: Green
    70. Ramone: Purple
    71. Ramone: Red (See "Hydraulic Ramone" and "Cruisin' Ramone")
    72. Ramone: Yellow
    73. Red (The Firetruck)
    74. Richard Clayton Kensington Security Van
    75. RPM #64
    76. Rusty Rust-Eze
    77. Sally
    78. Sarge
    79. Sheriff
    80. Snot Rod
    81. Stanley
    82. Sulley
    83. Tex Dinoco
    84. Tia
    85. TJ
    86. Tongue McQueen
    87. Tow
    88. Tow Cap
    89. Tractor
    90. Vinyl Toupee
    91. Wingo
    92. Woody
    93. Yeti
    Note: As far as the actual count, if you subtract out "Ramone: Red" and Pit Crew Sarge (discontinued) the count is 91 in all.

    Whew! That is a LIST! But wait - there's more! Here's the new releases scheduled for 2008!

    The 2008 New Release List (also given in alphabetical order):
    • Axle Accelerator
    • Brian
    • Chick Hicks Crew Chief
    • Chick Hicks Pit Crew
    • Chuki
    • Cora Copter
    • Dexter Hoover
    • Dinoco Crew Chief
    • Dinoco Pit Crew
    • Dustin Mellows
    • Elvis
    • Greta
    • Jay Limo
    • Leak Less Pit Crew
    • Lightning Storm McQueen
    • Mini
    • No Stall Crew Chief
    • Octane Gain Crew Chief
    • Octane Gain Pit Crew
    • Pit Crew Sarge
    • Ron Hover
    • RPM Pit Crew
    • Security Van
    • Super F/AV-18
    • Sven
    • Tar McQueen
    • Timothy Truecoat
    • Tires McQueen
    • Trunk Fresh Crew Chief
    • Van
    More Releases Predicted for the Future:
    • Apple #84 Matthew Overtaker
    • Bumper Save
    • Creme Filled Gask-Its
    • Easy Idle
    • Lil' Torquey Pistons
    • Mood Springs
    • Retread
    • Rev-N-Go
    • Shifty Drug
    • Shiny Wax
    • Spare Mint
    • Sputter Stop
    • Tach-O-Mint
    • Tank Coat
    • Transberry Juice
    • Vitoline
    I'm sure that there will be many more in the future - I'll stay on top of the list and keep it updated with new posts.

    Thanks for visiting!

    PPSS: Have you heard about the diecast minis? Check them out:

    Click Here to Find Them on eBay


    PS: If you are looking specifically for the different die cast cars for Lightning McQueen, you can check that out here:

    Disney Cars Die Cast: Lightning McQueen