Sunday, December 2, 2007

Disney Cars: Mater and the Ghostlight

Mater and the GhostlightOh Mater, Mater, Mater.

Mater and the Ghostlight is one of Disney Pixar's film "Shorts" and is one of the funniest short films ever - at least in my opinion.

This film shows a perfect example of "What goes around comes around": After Mater has acted out many silly and scary antics and mind-games with his friends in Radiator Springs they gang up on him and get their sweet revenge, and they get it but good!

Mater and the Ghostlight" is one of the extra film features of the movie, Cars, you can access it from the main menu. It can also be purchased in Pixar's new Short Film Collection (can be purchased for about $10 less than in stores when purchased on Amazon).

Mater and the Ghostlight Book CoverThere is also a new children's book with the story (I will be getting that for my son for Christmas this year).

I love the "Cars" movie - but the truth is I would have bought the whole movie just for this few minutes of laughter. :D

You just gotta love it - and you just got to love him too.

If you haven't seen the "Mater and the Ghostlight" short film yet - or even if you have - you can view it just below:

(Embedding disabled due to trademark - click here to view the video on YouTube).


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