Friday, May 23, 2008

Disney Cars Beds and Bedding

Lightning McQueen BedDisney Cars Beds and Bedding: some of the most in-demand items from the Disney Pixar Cars line of merchandise. (They really spiff up a little boy's bedroom - I know this because my son has a set in his room and loves it.)

Note: If you're on the lookout for Disney Cars Beds or Disney Cars Bedding - before going out and shopping at a department or discount store for either the Disney Cars Beds or Bedding, I strongly recommend taking a look around online - the selection is probably better than you think!

I did a bit of research on this point, and found that at the discount stores for the bedding, I was able to find one or perhaps two comforter sets in stock - there are actually many available and sometimes you don't even have to pay shipping costs - saving you gas money and time too!

Some of the types of beds available include:
  • Disney Cars Wooden Toddler Bed
  • Lightning McQueen Twin Bed
  • Slumber Roll-Up
  • Junior Disney Cars Ready Bed
  • Disney Cars Slumber Sofa
  • Toddler's Disney Cars Bed with Canopy
  • Disney Pixar Cars Room in a Box With Toddler Bed
Check out the most current auctions below for Disney Cars Beds on eBay (use the scrollbar on the right to see additional auctions): 

    There is a very large selection of bedding (comforters, sheets, blankets, body pillow) as well. Some of those include:
    • Disney Cars Flannel Sheets and Comforter
    • Disney Cars Comforter
    • Disney Pixar Cars Twin Bed Set
    • Road Racer Twin Bedding Comforter Set
    • Disney Cars Toddler Junior Junction Collection
    • Disney Cars Sheet Set
    • Junior Junction Ultra Soft Fleece Blanket
    • Lightning McQueen Twin Plush Throw Blanket
    • Disney Cars Body Pillow
    Check out the soonest-ending auctions below for Disney Cars Bedding on eBay auctions - use the scrollbar on the right to view more auctions:

    Pillows! Wow, nice selection of pillows for Disney Pixar Cars. (My favorites are the storytime pillow and the Lightning McQueen body pillow) You can see some of the pillows below on soon-ending eBay auctions (use scrollbar on the right to view additional choices):

    If you have a little boy (or a little girl, for that matter) who loves Disney and Pixar's Cars Movie, and if you've been considering purchasing a Disney Cars bed or bedding set, hopefully the ideas above will help!<br /> <br /> Ka-chow - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :)

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