Saturday, April 26, 2008

News: Disney Cars 2 Coming in 2012

Disney Cars 2 LogoDisney Cars 2 - Scheduled to be Released in 2012

I knew it! I knew it! Over the last several months I've been looking all around to find out if and when a new Cars movie would be released. I finally got the final word recently that there will indeed be a Disney Cars 2, and it's scheduled release is in 2012.

I was hoping that it would be sooner, but I'm sure that when the time arrives it will be a grand release indeed!!!

About the storyline - My understanding is that this will not actually be a follow-up of the first Disney Cars story, but instead will carry a whole different theme. Lightning and Mater will be traveling about the globe! Tow Mater from Cars

I can't wait to see Mater's reaction to European car society - since he's such a bumpkin I think he'll fit in like a square peg in a round hole - but that remains to be seen.

And, will Mater the "Cassanova" finally meet the love of his life?

Oh, oh, oh, I almost can't wait. I won't hold my breath for 4 years though - I guess I'll just have to be patient.

But - -why the delay on the release?

Well, first off Pixar animated movies - as I understand it - take much more time to create than a normal movie that is filmed. But also I believe that there is going to be a whole section of the Disneyland empire set up for the Cars, and it's scheduled to be complete at or around the same time of the movie release.

At any rate, it will be fun to see Disney Pixar Cars 2 "roll out". :)

(Photo of the Disney Cars 2 release above provided by the "Two A Day" blog.)


Anonymous said...

Awesome I had the privilege of attending the orginial cars premiere at Lowes Motor Speedway and wonder if they will do something similiar for the 2nd cars. Also do you know of where there is a list of the cars in the order with the new number system I am collecting them all and such info would be sooooo helpful. 1 through whatever they are at now. I have some and put them in order but I still have gaps.

Tonya B. said...

Cool!! I wish I had seen that premiere.

I'm very sorry - I don't know of a list of the cars by number. The post here on this blog gives all of the releases in alphabetical order though. (That's the post just before this one.)