Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Diecast Cars - "McQueens"

Blu Ray Lightning McQueenThe "McQueens" of the Diecast Disney Cars Line

Some diecast Disney Cars are harder to find than others. Take, for example the Blu Ray version of Lightning McQueen (shown left). This one goes for a pretty pretty penny, and is QUITE hard to find.

There are some other ones too - the "McQueen" line of diecast cars is by far the most popular - there are now about 10 - I think - and that doesn't include the minis.

Wanna see 'em? :) Cool.

Here they are on eBay (general search - the 10 earliest-ending auctions):

OK, now here's the tricky part. Can we find the "Blu Ray" version of McQueen? Let's give it a shot:

Now, one more stop - here is a page dedicated to the various types of diecast McQueens, and recommended shopping resources for each one: Disney Cars Die Cast: Lightning McQueen on Squidoo.

You just gotta love those diecast cars. :-) I hope that this helps you in finding the Lightning McQueen diecast that you're hunting down!

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