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List of Disney Cars - Die Cast (Current and Future)

Disney Cars CharactersComplete List of Disney Cars Die Cast as of February 18, 2008:

This post is being created by popular demand. I've recently received a number of emails requesting a list of all of the die cast (or "diecast") cars ever released but have not been able to give a complete list until now.

A few notes about the list:
  • It's given in alphabetical order, for organization and convenience
  • It's given by name of car released rather than by series, release date or packaging.
  • For each car, if it is available for purchase online, there are one or more links to where it can be found online either as a single item or with a package.
  • At the bottom of the current list are the future releases for 2008 and beyond!
And without further delay, here they are:

  1. Al Oft (Lightyear Blimp)
  2. Barney Stormin'
  3. Bling Bling McQueen
  4. Bob Cutlass
  5. Boost
  6. Brand New Mater
  7. Bruiser Bukowski
  8. Bug Mouth McQueen
  9. Buzz (Lightyear)
  10. Cactus McQueen
  11. Chick/Chick Hicks
  12. Collector's Edition "Blu" (Dark Blue Dinoco) Lightning McQueen (Available only with purchase of Blu-Ray movie)
  13. Cruisin' McQueen
  14. Cruisin' Ramone (also "Old School Ramone")
  15. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  16. Darrell Cartrip
  17. Dinoco Chick Hicks
  18. Dinoco Helicopter
  19. Dinoco McQueen
  20. Dinoco Mia
  21. Dinoco Tia
  22. Dirt Track Doc Hudson
  23. Dirt Track McQueen
  24. DJ
  25. Doc Hudson
  26. Dudley Spare
  27. Dusty Rust-Eze
  28. Fabulous Hudson Hornet
  29. Fabulous Hudson Hornet - Red Rims
  30. Ferrari F430
  31. Fillmore
  32. Flik
  33. Flo
  34. Fred
  35. Gasprin
  36. Ghostlight Ramone
  37. Gold Mia
  38. Gold Tia
  39. Guido
  40. Guido with Ferrari Gear
  41. Hamm
  42. Hydraulic Ramone
  43. King
  44. Kori Turbowitz
  45. Leak Less/Leakless
  46. Lightning McQueen
  47. Lightning Ramone
  48. Lizzie
  49. Luigi
  50. Luigi With Ferrari Gear
  51. Mario Andretti
  52. Mater
  53. Mater - Variant (Blue with "Mater" Logo)
    • Variant Blue Mater on eBay (no more)
  54. Mia
  55. Mike
  56. Mrs. The King
  57. My Name is Not Chuck
  58. Nitroade
  59. No Stall
  60. Octane Gain
  61. Piston Cup Pace Car (Also Called "Charlie Checker")
  62. Pit Crew Fillmore
  63. Pit Crew Guido
  64. Pit Crew Hudson Hornet
  65. Pit Crew Sarge (Discontinued - new one to be released in '08)
  66. P.T. Flea
  67. Race Official Tom
  68. Radiator Springs McQueen
  69. Ramone: Green
  70. Ramone: Purple
  71. Ramone: Red (See "Hydraulic Ramone" and "Cruisin' Ramone")
  72. Ramone: Yellow
  73. Red (The Firetruck)
  74. Richard Clayton Kensington Security Van
  75. RPM #64
  76. Rusty Rust-Eze
  77. Sally
  78. Sarge
  79. Sheriff
  80. Snot Rod
  81. Stanley
  82. Sulley
  83. Tex Dinoco
  84. Tia
  85. TJ
  86. Tongue McQueen
  87. Tow
  88. Tow Cap
  89. Tractor
  90. Vinyl Toupee
  91. Wingo
  92. Woody
  93. Yeti
Note: As far as the actual count, if you subtract out "Ramone: Red" and Pit Crew Sarge (discontinued) the count is 91 in all.

Whew! That is a LIST! But wait - there's more! Here's the new releases scheduled for 2008!

The 2008 New Release List (also given in alphabetical order):
  • Axle Accelerator
  • Brian
  • Chick Hicks Crew Chief
  • Chick Hicks Pit Crew
  • Chuki
  • Cora Copter
  • Dexter Hoover
  • Dinoco Crew Chief
  • Dinoco Pit Crew
  • Dustin Mellows
  • Elvis
  • Greta
  • Jay Limo
  • Leak Less Pit Crew
  • Lightning Storm McQueen
  • Mini
  • No Stall Crew Chief
  • Octane Gain Crew Chief
  • Octane Gain Pit Crew
  • Pit Crew Sarge
  • Ron Hover
  • RPM Pit Crew
  • Security Van
  • Super F/AV-18
  • Sven
  • Tar McQueen
  • Timothy Truecoat
  • Tires McQueen
  • Trunk Fresh Crew Chief
  • Van
More Releases Predicted for the Future:
  • Apple #84 Matthew Overtaker
  • Bumper Save
  • Creme Filled Gask-Its
  • Easy Idle
  • Lil' Torquey Pistons
  • Mood Springs
  • Retread
  • Rev-N-Go
  • Shifty Drug
  • Shiny Wax
  • Spare Mint
  • Sputter Stop
  • Tach-O-Mint
  • Tank Coat
  • Transberry Juice
  • Vitoline
I'm sure that there will be many more in the future - I'll stay on top of the list and keep it updated with new posts.

Thanks for visiting!

PPSS: Have you heard about the diecast minis? Check them out:

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Amanda L. said...

Thank you sooo much for this list! My son and I are also big fans of this movie and I've been looking for a list of all the Cars cars for a long time! This helps me out a lot! I have you bookmarked and hope you can keep updating the list so we can keep updating his collection... Thanks again so very much!

Tonya Brisnehan said...

Hi Amanda, you're welcome. :)

Fux Mudler said...

My GOD! That's A LOT of cars... I never realised there were so many. Thanks for the list! :)

Kerry said...

Thank you so much for the list of cars my son loves them so much. I was wondering if this list is complet as of dec.of 08?

Thank you again

Tonya Brisnehan said...

Hi Kerry,

I believe that it is complete - if you scroll down to the very bottom of that post you will see a list of "future" Disney cars, many of which have since been released.

That whole post contains the entire list of all Disney diecast cars for 2008 - to the best of my knowledge! =)

Brad said...

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy large portions of this collection together(id say the whole thing but that blu ray one is expensive!)

Takis said...

ok thanks for the list. i collects this cars and i have other list if you want to complete this.